Formwork panels are made of three waterproof layers of spruce or fir glued together. Outer layers are assembled along the width of the glued panels, laid longitudinally, while the middle layer is assembled by using transversely laid pieces of panel that are framed by longitudinal and frontalslats. Using this type of construction we achieve adequate flexibility and rigidity of the panel.


Panels are made of selected pieces of spruce or fir. Good surface and edge protection guarantees longevity and safe use.


Quality waterproof adhesive was used and the adhesive joints were tested according to current standards.


Formwork panels are primarily used in civil engineering for concrete constructions. Before concreting, the panels need to be coated in oil and thoroughly soaked in / sprayed with water! By pouring the concrete on wet panels, the possibility of the panel to adhere to the concrete is reduced. Stripping of the formwork panels requires careful straightening, especially when the edges are fixed with nails.


Stripped formwork panels are either machine or manually cleaned and piled on a flat surface. For the protection of formwork panels, we recommend using paraffin mixtures or formwork oils. Piled formwork panels need to be kept in a covered and unlit space. If they are stored in warm space, they should be placed in unlit space and covered, in order to protect them from weather conditions (sun, rain). If they are exposed to sun, there could be ruptures on the exposed sides as well as dry ruptures on the outer layer. Such formwork panels need to be sprayed with water before the next use! It is possible that the surface protection will fade (the colour changes) which does not affect the functionality of the panel itself.


In the areas with harsh climate, we need to pay special attention to the maintenance of the formwork panels, and especially that they do not get exposed to the heat and direct sunlight for long periods of time. Otherwise, longitudinal dry cracks may occur on the outer layer, which significantly affects the durability and shelf life of the formwork panels, as well as the final appearance of the concrete surface. Such panels need to be thoroughly sprayed with water before the next use! If we do not do so, panels can be seriously damaged during the next concreting because fine concrete emulsion will break through the ruptures in the panel.



  • Presjek A=132 cm2
  • Moment ustrajnosti J=77 cm4
  • Moment otpora W=38 cm3
  • Čvrstoća na savijanje O=6,8 kN/cm2
  • Čvrstoća na savijanje E1=1050 kN/cm2
  • Modul elastičnosti E2=80 kN/cm2



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